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We've added this NEW page to our website! This will be our book review section! Book reviews are a good way to find out about books you may be interested in reading. If you would like to submit a book review please contact us & will post it here. Enjoy!

New Review!

Little Princes By Conor Grennan

Civil war. Maoists. Trafficked children. Remote villages in the Himalayan Mountains. A young American man whose two months of donated time turns into a heart wrenching / heartwarming adventure. . . How would you respond when shocked little children accuse you of eating god (beef)? Or when the answer t “Where is the bathroom?” is “No.” Or when the ‘treat’ set before you is sticky on the outside and tastes like what you’d imagine sugar-free soy chocolate might taste like if it had fallen in tar, fossilized, and been dug up millions of years later by hungry scientists. A must read if you enjoy adventure, kids, and courageous people.

By Lorna Joch

May 29, 2012

Book Review

By Lorna Joch May 24, 2011

Ever thought there should be a ‘how to do life’ book that doesn’t read like a ‘how to’ book? Would you be fascinated by a ‘devotional’ book that is not a ‘devotional’ book? Does reading about a person who ‘triumphs over tragedy’ turn your crank? Well then – you must read the book entitled Life Without Limits written by Australian born American Nick Vujicic who is living life without limbs! Inspirational. Uplifting. Captivating!


Book Review

By Lorna Joch January 9, 2012

How did you learn to read? Have you even heard of theMcGuffey Readers? Born in 1800 on a frontier farm, lively and creative William McGuffey spent his young life doing all the things frontier boys did but he also had an appetite for reading, children, and teaching. By the tender age of 14 he was appointed to a school as the teacher! And he never looked back! Do you like pioneer stories? Do you enjoy reading about people with passion? Do you admire those who devote their lives to a worthy, groundbreaking cause? Well then, this book is a must.McGuffey The Greatest Forgotten Man by Etta B. Degering And, yes, the La Crete Community Library has the book!

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