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A library is full of new worlds to travel

 About the library

Mission Statement:

To provide quality materials and services which fulfill the education, information, culture and recreation needs of the community it serves, in an atmosphere that is welcoming, respectful and businesslike.


The La Crete Community Library has had a strong partnership with the Fort Vermilion School Division and the La Crete Public School, being a school housed library since 1967. This partnership had many benefits, it also had many challenges. With the growth in the community and the increased demand on library services, the La Crete Library came to a point where a larger, standalone building had quickly became a necessity. The Mackenzie County Library Board along with the Society had been researching and working on all options to enable the library to move to this next step.

In 2015 ATB Financial  donated it's old building to the Mackenzie County for use as a library facility. The Society along with the Mackenzie County Library Board planned renovations to suit the needs of library services in La Crete and the surrounding area. Today the Library is a thriving community service.

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