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La Crete Community Library has been in operation since at least 1962. (Committee minutes are on file at the library dating back to January 30, 1962). The library was first housed in a small building across the road from La Crete Public School and Mrs. Martha Nafziger spearheaded the birth of the La Crete Community Library.

In 1967 the library was moved into La Crete Public School to better provide services to the students. Over the years of being housed in the school the La Crete Community Library has had a strong partnership with the Fort Vermilion School Division and the La Crete Public School.

In 2015 the library moved out of the school and into its own stand alone building to better serve its patrons and to enhance its programming.

New information gathered from Sara Lehn Harder's book: Ever into New Horizon's.

"In 1956 there was a severe crop failure and so there was a scarcity of everything including clothes. The Nafzigers wrote to their church in the South about it and I wrote to mine. We were overwhelmed by the number of boxes with useful clothes that arrived. The Bishop [Wiebe] did not want us to make beggars of his people. So, big clothing sales were set up in the various schools and people were helped by the cheap garments. The proceeds of the sale were used to establish a Christian library in La Crete. Martha Nafziger ordered fine Christian books and served as the first librarian." PP 97-98



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