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Library Society Seeks Funding Pledges for an expansion to the current library building!

The Library Society is now seeking pledges to apply for a grant to expand the current building. The library is at full capacity without room to expand or to offer any programming options to the public. 

We need your help! In order to apply for a major matching grant we need to collect monetary or in-kind pledges. Businesses and individuals can help us achieve our goal to add on a sufficient amount of space to meet the current needs of the library services offered. Pledge forms for patrons are available at the library. Currently the Society has fundraised $200,000 towards the estimated cost of $1.4 million. The library serves 4,942 patrons within Mackenzie County. If each patron gave/pledged $10 that would raise $49,942 which would mean the grant would match that amount! Completed forms may be dropped off at the library or emailed to To view the business pledge forms and draft library expansion plans click the Word and PDF files below. 

Thank you for supporting your local library in this venture!

Handover of the old La Crete ATB building to Mackenzie County


On September 10, 2015 ATB delegates from Edmonton and Calgary officially handed over the keys and title of the old ATB building and property in La Crete to Mackenzie County for use as a library facility. The La Crete Community Library Society is very excited to begin renovation planning to make this building into a library that continues to offer its patrons quality library services. Thank you ATB! 

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